Olive shea mint foot cream

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Moisturizing foot cream Shea Olive mint foot cream – the ally of dry feet.

Designed with a mixture of shea butter, cocoa, olive oil flavored with bergamot and mint.

Ideal for fighting dry, chapped heels and improving the overall appearance of your feet.

Ideal for relieving tired or swollen feet.

Improves blood circulation.

For better efficiency, use this foot care in addition to our exfoliating foot soak

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Olive shea mint anti-cracking foot cream is your ally for feet that are undoubtedly soft and hydrated.

Ideal to fight against dry and cracked heels, the shea Olive Mint cream nourishes the feet and promotes better blood circulation.

Its delicate scent of bergamot and mint will bring a touch of freshness for a feeling of well-being.



Shea Butter : Hydrates, soothes, protects and deeply nourishes the skin. Smooths the skin by eliminating calluses and chapped skin. Rich in vitamin A, B, C and D

Cocoa Butter : Repairs and deeply hydrates. Treats corns, cracks and crevices.

Olive oil : Softens, nourishes and hydrates the soles of the feet. Recognized since time immemorial as a MUST in hand and foot care!

calendula WAX : Soothes and nourishes dry, chapped and dehydrated skin.

Bergamote essential oil: Smooths and softens the skin. Helps reduce dark spots.


How to use :

Use the cream on the feet after the foot bath, then put on cotton socks. You can use it anytime, but the best time is the night before you go to bed, every night, for satisfactory results! For best results, use in addition to our foot soak.

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Shea butter, cocoa butter, calendula wax, olive oil, bergamot / mint essential oils



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